Saturday, November 7, 2009

WEMW 2009 (Season 4!) Final Project

This is the animation completed at Jeonju, July 2009.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Korean Experience

A comic video produced by Season Four students (January 2009). They fly off to Seoul in two months!

Monday, March 23, 2009

January 2009 Art Project

Still waiting for a name for this one!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

WEMW — Frank Lloyd Wright home

3D rendition and fly-through of a home and grounds designed in the style of Frank Lloyd Wright. A research project of students in Season Three of WEMW (January 08).

Sunday, March 15, 2009

WEMW: Comparing Food & Celebrations

Season 1 WEMW students interview one another about the food and celebrations of their country.

WEMW — Korean Folk Village

A tour of the Korean Folk Village, hosted by Mercedes Pagan
WEMW Season 1, summer 2006

WEMW Slideshow — Season 1

Photo Album, January 2006 visit to Bloomfield by Jeonju University students WEMW Season 1

WEMW — Getting Around

WEMW First Season, visiting New York in Januuary 2006 All kinds of transportation!

WEMW — New York Story

Our first experience hosting students from Jeonju University When East Meets West, Season 1 (January 2006)
Narrated in Korean.

WEMW — Korea Hotspots

A tour of our favorite spots to visit in Korea, hosted by Mercedes Pagan. When East Meets West, Season 1 (2006)

Saturday, March 14, 2009

WEMW Web Site Intro

A Flash intro for a WEMW web site created by the "first season" students in 2006.

WEMW — King Ak Tomb

3D cultural heritage animation created by students and faculty at Jeonju University.

WEMW — Keumsan Temple

3D cultural heritage animation created by students and faculty at Jeonju University.

WEMW Suitcase Commercial

Tristan See's commercial for When East Meets West. Created at Jeonju University (Summer, 2007)

WEMW Nam June Paik

Created by students in When East Meets West (January 2008) The students researched the work of Korean-American Nam June Paik and then created a version of a video wall to celebrate his work.

Slideshow: Paris Graffiti

Patrick Van Tassell's slideshow of street art in Paris.
Art in Paris (March 2007)

Beijing Debate DVD Opening

In November 2006 I traveled to Beijing with three CAT students (Mercedes Pagan, Nick Silvestri & Steve Stover) to shoot documentary footage for a debate tournament sponsored by the International Debate Education Association. This is the intro to our DVD.

Art in Italy — The Week in Review

A video by Nick Silvestri
Art in Italy, March 2008.

Art in Italy — The Last Supper

A Nick Silvestri video.

Art in Italy (March 2008)

Art in Italy — Florence

A Nick Silvestri video.
Art in Italy (March 2008)

Art in Italy — Spagna

A Nick Silvestri video, Art in Italy (March 2008)

Art in Italy — Reconnect.

A Nick Silvestri video from Art in Italy (March 2008)

Art in Italy — Intro Video

First of six videos by Nick Silvestri of CAT International's March 2008 Art in Italy trip.

WEMW — Lucas with the Lid Off breakdown

Students in the January 2008 When East Meets West tear apart Michel Gondry's "Lucas with the Lid Off" music video to show that it really was done in a single shot.

WEMW Rap Commercial

WEMW "Priceless" Commercial

Directed by Francis Acupan (Jeonju, summer 2007)

100 Views of the Eiffel Tower

Francis Acupan brings you his high-speed visual interpretation of all things Eiffel from the 2007 Art in Paris class.